MMO Gamers, Hello !

With Tribal Wars, you will enjoy a browser-based game where you will manage a city from its beginnings to an unstoppable ascension. Taking care of resources, people, wars, … will lead you to the victory… or to the death.

Direct link to the Video and the game :                   Tribal Wars

This game will challenge your strategic skills like no other browser-based mmo game in the Internet. Plundering is not everything, you will have to get to know your powerful neighbours, know the other players and the community to really make the difference, and eventually just really enjoy this game.

It has infinite possibilities, and the already huge amount of players makes it develop faster and faster, for the pleasure of players. Dive into this mmo game : Tribal Wars is waiting for you to challenge its masters… do you really think you can succeed ?


One of the main aspect of Tribal Wars is of course the management of the (micro)-economy. For that, you will have to manage a lot of different buildings, and find out how they all work together in the best manner.

Another great aspect of Tribal Wars are the Major Wars : these huge wars led in a whole world. This really ask to think strategically (alliances are vital) and forge the community, and give in the end a lot of fun.

As you have already guessed, war is central in this game. To conduct it, you will dispose of a whole bunch of different units, from Axemen to Mouted Archer, from Noblemen to Catapults… You will have to organize your army, between the defensive units, the cavalry, the siege weapons, and so on. A whole tactical program.


MMO Gamers, Hello !

Want some fight ? Then just dive into Teos ! Save Shaiya the beloved Goddess – Chose to be Union of Fury (the Vails and the Nordein) or part of the Alliance of Light (the Elves and the Humans) to meet face to face and do battle.

Direct acces to the video and presentation page here :

Shaiya Video & Presentation

The Borderlands is your fighting ground. Here, Union can fight against Alliance in small skirmishes or in all-out faction versus faction combat.

In the large battles, strategy is a must. Superior numbers does not guarantee a victory. The Borderlands are teeming with monsters that want nothing more than to destroy any invaders. Besides these monsters, the battle is affected by relics on each side. Both the Alliance and the Union have battlements that target the opponent. These relics can be destroyed and should be considered when formulating your attack and defense strategies.

The side that inflicts the most damage will win the day and the blessing of their Goddess. Will you master Shaiya ?

See you and enjoy your free game !

MMO Gamers, Hello !

I would like to introduce Dark Orbit, an awesome MMO Game which will let you develop you fighting skills – but the spatial ones…

You can watch a video directly here :

Dark Orbit Presentation Page

Dive into the world – the universe ! – of Dark Orbit, and enjoy its amazing unlimited spaces … full of threats… Alone or with your team, Dark Orbit will allow you to test your tactical and fighting skills in a totally new environment, in unknown spaces. You will discvover strange new worlds, beautiful as hell and beware… aliens can be around the corner ! Just dive into this fantastic game !

Join one of the three factions which want to conquer the whole universe, whatever the price to pay. Help you allies and form rich and powerful coalitions.

Build you spaceship from scratch and transform it into a war cruiser, and become famous on Dark Orbit, one of the largest online games communities !

Hope you will enjoy it ! and see you next time for another awesome game 🙂

Mmo gamers, Hi everyone and welcome !

I am happy to announce the creation of blog !

We will try to gather and create for you all the best videos of the most awesome MMO games out there  🙂

Our objective is also to provide gamers with all the useful links we are always looking for and often not finding with Google… Guides, Wikis, Forums, Official Websites and so on.

Hope you will enjoy it ! Feel free to pay us a visit : our Videommos blog, and most importantly, to leave us your feedback so we can improve our blog for you !

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